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Logix ICF is based on the simple concept of interlocking blocks, LOGIX ICF gives you a wall system that’s not only long-lasting, but also quick to build, sound-proofed, energy-efficient and has a 3-hour fire resistance rating. Engineered for superior performance, LOGIX gives you more wall for your money.

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Platinum iCF Block

Platinum LOGIX - LOGIX Platinum Series Hybrid Technology enables you to quickly build large complex high performance buildings and can deliver up to a mind boggling R74.

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Giraffe ICF Braces allows you to build walls 10', 15' and 20' high. Giraffe Bracing is the highest quality bracing on the market and it's straight backs stack together, making storage and transport easier.

Simpson StrongTie ICF Hangers

Simpson StrongTie ICF Hangers is engineered to solve the challenges of mounting wood or steel ledgers to insulated concrete form (ICF) walls. The ICFVL is designed to provide both vertical and lateral, in-plane performance. There are many benefits over traditional anchor bolting, including better on center spacing in most cases, faster installation and no protrusions.

Resisto Waterproofing

FOUNDATION / ICF WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE is a self-adhesive waterproofing membrane dedicated to the waterproofing of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) foundations. It is composed of SBS modified bitumen and a trilaminate woven polyethylene facer. This surface provides 100 % protection from UV radiation. A silicone release film protects the self-adhesive under face. FOUNDATION / ICF WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE can be applied directly to the polystyrene (expanded and extruded) surface of ICF foundations.

Fortruss Floor System

Fortruss Floor System is an EPS concrete forming system that provides unique opportunities to create beautiful and durable coloured or stamped concrete finishes, maximizes efficiency for heated floors, is fire safe, quiet and can provide R values exceeding R40. The FORTRUSS light weight EPS deck panels are supported by metal clad truss forms and provide structural form work for insulated suspended slabs. Applications include floors, decks and roof structures with clear spans of up to 40 feet. FORTRUSS complements green building designs through energy efficient, durable structures that promote healthy indoor air quality.

Frost Cushion

Frost Cushion is manufactured from inert closed cell expanded polystyrene (E.P.S.). It is used under concrete grade beams, forming voids to compensate for frost and moisture-induced swelling of underlying soils that might otherwise lift or fracture the concrete structure. FROST CUSHION will not collapse due to water absorption. It resists soil movement into the void space. FROST CUSHION has excellent resistance to freeze/thaw and has low moisture absorption properties. It is not biodegradable and has no pest nutrient value. APPLICATIONS FROST CUSHION can be used under grade beams and other structural concrete members.

Beaver Plastics Insulworks

Insulworks hydronic heating insulation is a unique insulation panel designed especially for hydronic heating applications. Its primary functions are to conserve energy and reduce cost and labor. INSULWORKS provides an efficient thermal barrier between the heated slab and the underlying ground. Also, in preventing the ground from becoming a linked 'thermal flywheel' to the slab, INSULWORKS permits fast and accurate room temperature response to temperature controllers. The use of INSULWORKS may also reduce the size and cost of system hardware.

Terrafoam expanded polystyrene insulation (Rigid Insulation) is inert closed cell expanded polystyrene (E.P.S.) insulation, with excellent resistance to freeze/thaw, zero capillarity and low moisture absorption. It is manufactured in a wide range of densities in order to meet specific application requirements. TERRAFOAM will never rot, support mold or mildew and insulating properties do not degrade over time.

Beaver Plastics Terminator

Terminator insulated drainfield chamber is the latest development for Private Onsite Sewage Treatment. The new chamber increases the efficacy of weeping lateral trenches by providing the largest bottom area for effluent infiltration. The Terminator is made from a structural grade of Expanded Polystyrene, and therefore the entire surface area of these chambers is air permeable. This provides access to oxygen, necessary for biochemical activity in the field.

SikaTop Seal 107 is a two-component, polymer-modified, cementitious waterproofing and protective slurry mortar for concrete. It is slightly flexible to tolerate fine cracks and suitable in both interior and exterior applications.

Other Products and Services

ICF Accessories - range of supplies that make building with ICF easier (ie. adhesives, ties, tapes, banding, hardware), lumber and other building supplies availability and pricing upon request.

ICF installation courses - Western Wall systems offers courses on LOGIX ICF installation approximately every 2 months. Please contact us for information and the dates and locations of our future courses.

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