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At Western Wall Systems ensuring customer satisfaction has always been the cornerstone of our success as we look forward to ‘wowing’ each and every one of our customers with our friendly and knowledgeable service. As Saskatchewan’s premier distributor of LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms our customers count on our products, services and expertise to help them complete their building projects on time, on budget, and with only premium quality construction materials.

Western Wall Systems is Saskatchewan’s leading distributor of LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms. In recent years Western Wall Systems has grown into a ‘Five Star’ sales achiever for LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms and our success is undoubtedly a reflection of our customer’s satisfaction. Western Wall Systems has the products and services to make your building project a success.

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What Sets Us Apart

Though it’s a cliché, customer service is what really sets Western Wall Systems apart from the competition. Customer service is something we ‘do’, not just something we say. We have hundreds of ICF braces, specialized equipment for ICF delivery, ICF installation training, a large stock of LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms, and a staff dedicated solely to the ICF industry. These factors combined with our friendly and knowledgeable service allow Western Wall Systems to ‘do’ customer service, not just say it.

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